My name is Emily Brister, I was born and raised on the Kenai Peninsula in South-central Alaska. I married my husband, Philip, in 2009 and we moved to Watford City, ND in 2012. We enjoy living here and love our booming community!


I had two wonderful, medicated hospital births with my girls and then an unmedicated birth with my son in Texas at a birth center. All were satisfying births, but it was that third birth that was the catalyst for me to begin my journey in birth work. From that experience I realized that I could empower and encourage women to take ownership over their healthcare and their births so that they could discover the deep hidden strength and power that is in the soul of every woman. So that they could birth with confidence and dignity, and leave their birth knowing that they were strong and courageous.

My husband and I attended a Birth Boot Camp class at our birth center in Texas and from that class we learned how to be prepared to have an unmedicated birth. We learned what questions to ask a care provider about interventions and philosophy of care, how to choose a birth place that would align with what we wanted, but most importantly Philip learned that he could be a participant in the birth of our son by knowing how to support me emotionally and physically while I was in labor. We learned comfort measures, labor positions, and practiced relaxations before the birth so that we would be prepared for when the time came for our baby to be born.  Our experience in a Birth Boot Camp class is what has brought me to this place of wanting to support women throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.